06 February 2009

Tactical Failure, Strategic Success

Neal Leininger

Neal Leininger
Senior Consultant
Veris Associates, Inc.

It has been written on numerous sites, the challenges of implementing ITIL, the "true" cost, and the "true" return on investment.

In our newsletter a few weeks ago, I mentioned how technology has shaped everyday events, like the "Miracle on the Hudson" of Flight 1549 with Captain Sullenberger at the helm. Not only was it the outcome that was amazing, but so were the "Lessons Learned" of what went right.

This is an example of how planning and paying the costs are not only a short term improvement, but in the long term, the cost of NOT DOING IT are far greater.

Without decades of safety engineering, and black box engineering, not only would they have lost many lives, but they wouldn't have known what went well or failed.

So it goes in IT, without proper processes and procedures, when disaster strikes, it may well still be a disaster, but through the toil and hardship of prior improvements, you will have the tools and wherewithall to recover and hopefully show the steady hand that Captain Sullenberger exhibited.

So in closing, never forget the price of not improving your craft, be it Flying a Jet, or Flying an IT Department.

Disaster will strike, and there will be tactical failures. Help your IT Service Management organization ensure a Strategic Success.

Below is an excerpt of the CBS Special with Katie Couric

Can you say "Mayday" with a calm voice to your CEO?

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