21 April 2009

New Security

Neal Leininger

Neal Leininger
Senior Consultant
Veris Associates, Inc.

With any grand event, comes those who will do what they must to survive.

In today's economical climate, that means there are more and more highly skilled workers being laid off, and in turn are using their skills for ill-will.

In this case, it was a laid off engineer who was cutting communication cables and trying to extort money from Comcast and Verizon.

Well the FBI has a trojan virus for that:


It's been mentioned elsewhere that with the ongoing lay-offs, there will be an onslaught of cyber-crimes.

In the past, we've always said that the biggest security threat to an organization is their own employees. It's only a matter of time before someone is disgruntled by a promotion, or lack there-of; or maybe it's not something at work.... it may be skyrocketing debt that is forcing them to consider unseemly means of income.

So a few points:

- If you're currently unemployed, or feel that you may be soon; now is the perfect time to re-train and find some new skills, focus that fear and look at training.

- If you are a hiring manager, about to make the decision for a round of lay-offs; be aware that it may require some special planning beyond doing it on a Friday afternoon.

- If you are a security manager, now is the time to be proactive; if you don't have a continual improvement plan in place, seek consulting and/or training to get a concrete plan in place to manage your risk

Of course above all else, never forget the gifts we've been given. It is up to us to ensure they are used for good will.

...then again, I'm sure the FBI won't have any problems finding you....

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